Driven by a haunting childhood memory, a successful corporate consultant sets out to build a business on the Navajo Reservation using her rules, rather than those defined by her male counterparts. She envisions her new company selling masterpiece weavings that portray the heart of the Navajo people and, through the sales, aiding the Navajo weavers in obtaining financial independence. This book series exposes her flawed definition of success and her realization that she was the one who needed their help.

The Double Doll Series

My journey started on the Navajo Reservation at the age of eight — along the way my life was turned upside down multiple times.

My story, in three parts, chronicles those early years, life-changing events, and creation of a new business to, "Promote American Arts through the Sale of Amish Quilts and Navajo Weavings." My own history, lifelong customs, principles and habits, demanded scrutiny in the face of the mores of a new culture.

These new experiences tested, and in some cases shattered, the core belief systems that were my foundation for more than fifty years. Through intimate relationships built among the Navajo, I was forced to examine my own "world order" only to find my lifelong guiding principles were flawed.

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Sharleen Daugherty

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