Book III - A Life Turned Rightside Up

The writing of Book III of the Double Doll Series is underway.

Life changes must be made
Fifty years of tears stuffed inside
Moldered and rotted my heart and mind . . .
I never cried.

Then I met Grace
Her smile was dazzling, her laughter shy . . .
From her heart she wove fine tapestries
And listened to quiet as life passed by.

Her death came hard for me
There was much Grace had left to do . . .
And much I still needed to learn
Uranium’s yellow poison took her too soon.

I continued on alone . . . blundering, stumbling
Trying to remember the lessons she taught
But I fell back to my old ways . . .
It was the quiet that I forgot.

So I would write Grace’s story
I found a coach, would learn the rules
My way was destined
I could do it . . . I had all the tools.

Then came the slow creeping doubt
A black shroud that said I must prove myself again
Doubt brought the ache to my chest
Tightness of throat and vision that blurred.

For now, the story will be Grace’s
And I know I’m not alone.
Yellow poison may try to strike again . . .
Grace came in the quiet and made her message known.